The church of Pentecost, Kwadaso Area under the leadership of Apostle Kingsford Kyei-Mensah, organized a night summit for all Ministry Leaders and Executives in the Area. The summit which brought together all the Local, District and Area Ministry Executives at the Kwadaso Central auditorium, was held under the theme: “God Never Lacks Workers”- Matthew 20:1-6, 1 timothy 1:12-13.

In this season, where the church is celebrating one of her Gallant soldiers and chairman of the church of Pentecost, Apostle Professor Opoku Onyinah, it is very appropriate to remind ourselves of the faithfulness of God to providing for the church committed and spirit filled leaders who will steer the affairs the church in the direction of God’s Will. This intend will encourage the youth and current officers as well as all workers to be steadfast in the Lord and to faithfully discharge their duties as they have been called.

Speaking on the theme: “God Never Lacks Workers” Apostle Kingsford Kyei-Mensah, the former Evangelism Director, said God since time immemorial has never lack workers. He can use anybody to fulfill His task when the need be. Making reference to the discourse between King Saul and the boy David, he explained that God in His sovereignty, rejected the well built King Saul for a little shepherd boy David, to demonstrate to the people of Israel that he doesn’t call those who are qualified by the standards of the word but calls the unqualified to qualify. “God is able to use anyone to fulfill His purpose because He will make all grace abound for such person”, he added

Speaking to about 690 leaders present, Apostle Kingsford Kyei Mensah advised all the participants to uphold their calling with good hearts and work with a clear conscience. “Go all out to serve in your calling for you have been counted worthy to serve” was blazingly emphasized.

He admonished that if leaders will serve with a good heart backed by personal sacrifice and commitment, God will not leave the person unattended to. Each will be rewarded for quality service rendered so don’t give up on your call because of what others are saying, doing or plotting against you. “When your heart is connected to God, you will always triumph in His work”, the Apostle concluded.
In attendance were the Area heads’ wife, The Area Executive, the area pastorate and the Area office staff.

Report by: Abraham Nana Bamfo Oppong & Frank Somiah-Quaw

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